Welcome to For King and For Countree! Here you'll find data relating to Playford soldiers who served in WWI. You can start by clicking one of the battalions below, which will change the data across the page. If you find a soldier in which you'd like further info, you can search for them within the NAA using the search bar at the top.
1st Battalion12th BattalionArmy Nursing
2nd Battalion15th BattalionDivisional Ammunition Column
3rd Battalion16th BattalionDivisional Signal company
4th Battalion23rd BattalionF company Base Depot
5th Battalion24th BattalionField Artillery Brigade
6th Battalion25th BattalionField Artillery Brigade 15
7th Battalion27th BattalionField Artillery Brigade 6
8th Battalion32nd BattalionHositzer Brigade 25
9th Battalion43rd BattalionHowitzer Brigade 23
10th Battalion48th BattalionInfantry Brigade 7
11th Battalion50th BattalionLH Brigade